Kojic Acid face care whitening cream remove Freckle melasma Acne Spots pigment sunburn Melanin



 Kojic Acid face care whitening scar removal cream Remove Freckle melasma Acne Spots pigment sunburn

Product Name: Dimollaure pure 99% Kojic Acid powder

Specifications: 50g/Bottle

Shelf Life: 3 years

Feature:Kojic acid can strongly inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin. It can be used in toners, masks, lotions, and skin creams. It can effectively remove freckles, age spots, pigmentation, acne, etc., moisturize skin wrinkles, and can also make handmade soaps. Generally added in cosmetics is 0.5 to 2.0%

Kojic acid is non-irritating to the skin and can be used as a preservative for cosmetics and food. Absorbs UV light strongly and can be used alone or in combination with various sun protection products. It can treat and prevent the formation of skin sunburn. The effect is obvious at 1%~2.5%. Add dandruff to hair products.

Efficacy: This product has a freckle , wrinkle removal, for the elimination of melasma , freckles, age spots and other spots, there are special effects , young people face acne ( acne ) also had a significant effect 

Ingredient: Pure 99% Kojic Acid powder

How to use:  

How to use kojic acid powder:

1. Use with daily facial mask :
Directly Take 1~2 grams of kojic acid powder into the bowl with the mask with the essence together , mix and dilute, then put the mask on the face.

2.DIY mask powder:
Directly Take 1~2 grams of kojic acid powder and mask powder  into the bowl, dilute with water, then apply the mask powder evenly on the face.

3. Use with Skin toner and lotion and body lotion :
Add kojic acid powder to toner and lotion, mix and dilute in 2-5% ratio

4. Making handmade soap with kojic acid powder
Add the kojic acid powder directly to the handmade soap raw material and mix and dilute in a 2-5% ratio.

You can also add kojic acid powder to other cosmetics,but this is your idea!thanks!











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